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On 25th May there’s a big change happening to privacy laws in the UK.

The  new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gives you more control over how your personal information is used. And it makes it quicker and easier for you to check and update the information we, and other organisations we work with, hold about you.

We’ve updated our privacy notice to tell you more about these changes and we’ve included a summary with this email

How we look after your information

We collect information like your name and your child’s name and contact details and information about which school and events you plan on attending.

We make sure we process, store and share your data with schools safely and securely . And all schools we work with will have the same commitment and policies to do this with your information.

How your data helps us safeguard the children participating any of our courses and the key  information that helps us provide a better service for you.

We’ll be able to:

¨ Get in contact with you quicker regarding any accidents/incidents involving your children.

¨ Contact you with information that’s relevant and useful to you, and let you know about any changes to our courses and services to you.

¨ Make you aware of any future courses or events we run.

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