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Lunch Time Clubs

Over the years we have identified the need to help some children with personal and life skills, such as empathy, problem-solving, negotiating, cooperation and communication. We have therefore created a structured programme to help children build up their self esteem and confidence in these areas. At Elite we offer a variety of opportunities for play and socialising in a controlled environment. As much as you would like to step in, you simply cannot make friends for them. You can however, give children the tools they need to be sociable and to be a good friend and a good citizen.

We can offer coaches for lunchtime sports activities at your school.


We can do as much or as little as you need us to do. Take a look at the list of things we have already provided for other schools.


Plan for new playground activities, then running new playground activities but letting the LTO’s take over.

Training LTO’S for lunchtime games etc.

Providing various sporting activities for a specific group. E.g. challenging children, rewarding children for behavior, attendance etc.

Helping with the orders of new, suitable lunchtime equipment

Training new Lunchtime sports leaders (year 6 pupils)

Providing sports activities to the whole school


Working at Mundella Primary School & The Folkestone Primary Academy Lunch TImes during the week, are personally very rewarding as you build a better relationship with the children and understand them better.


Martin Chandler

Head Coach