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Nursery/Pre School

Sport isn't just for children in primary schools and beyond! The earlier children are exposed to sport, the better!


Our programme has been designed with the E.Y.F.S. (Early Years Foundation Stage) framework for learning in mind. We use the concept of "Developing Character Through Sport" to help children progress physically, mentally and socially.


We are experienced in teaching sports to children aged 2.5 years upwards. Our coaches are fully qualified and experienced, having worked with children with a wide range of abilities, in various nurseries and schools across Kent. 





We cater for nurseries of all sizes


We play in an area that is safe for physical activity 


We bring all of the equipment necessary to run the classes


We work on a ratio of 1 coach to 8 children per class, in line with OFSTED and to ensure our full attention is being given to the children at hand





Our classes are themed around your chosen sport using age related specific sports equipment. You can choose from:


- Multi Skills


- Football


- Tag Rugby


- Basketball


- Cricket