During the academic year we run 6 different courses. At present we have 40 clubs running covering diverse sports. The after school club is designed as an introduction to sport for children aged between 5yrs-11yrs old to increase their skill level and confidence, eventually developing into more specialist coaching. The scheme is to encourage boys and girls to enjoy and participate in a safe environment, while learning new skills and developing team building. These are structured sessions that incorporate special themed weeks to include aspects of ‘Every child matters’ e.g. healthy living week.  Fun weeks are built-in to encourage children who may find it difficult to join in and therefore help with their development. 

After-School Clubs

Football Club

Football coaching for kids will benefit your child in the following ways: Teamwork - from passing to scoring a goal, football teaches kids how to work together as a team Regular activity - getting them into a routine of weekly training means your child exercises regularly, making them healthier and happier.

Dance Club
Gymnastic Club

Gymnastics classes are one of the most exciting, social and physical activities a child can take part in from a very young age. Some children love the idea and can’t wait to jump into a leotard and do cartwheels all day long.​



Elite run multi sports courses every school holiday to encourage children to participate in fun games centered on fair play and sportsmanship. The course is designed to encourage youngsters to participate in new sports in a safe non - competitive environment. They learn new skills and play as part of a team, where they all contribute.



Bike riding and Scooting is a skill that comes with a whole range of benefits. While most of us know that regular cycling contributes to better physical health, there are plenty of other reasons why learning to ride a bike is more important than ever.


Dance is a fun activity for kids that exercises both the body and mind. In addition to increasing fitness levels, dance classes for kids also help with better posture, creativity, and cultural understanding. It helps improve balance and flexibility. Studies have found that dancing can reduce stress, depression, and anxiety

Sports does not build character. It reveals it.