Sports for Schools

We appreciate there are many schemes that we offer and would be more than happy to go through any queries or questions you may have and if you would like to discuss any of the schemes we provide please do not hesitate to contact the Elite team.  We would be happy to offer a free taster session to demonstrate firsthand what we can offer. 

PPA Cover

We are in a position to offer schools PPA cover for the teachers. The National Curriculum support has enabled schools to provide a structured coaching scheme of work covering all areas of Physical Education.  The staff of ECC UK hold qualifications of a National BTEC Diploma or Level 2 and above that allow them to offer coaching sessions covering a variety of sports that include football, rugby, hockey, and athletics. Programmes within schools are based on a six-week period i.e. one half-term. We currently work over 120 hours per week in various schools offering this service.


‘I really love the PE sessions because they are kind to us and they tell us stuff in a way you can understand.’
-Sean, Year 4

Boys During a Sports Practice
Lunch Time Clubs
Over the years we have identified the need to help some children with personal and life skills, such as empathy, problem-solving, negotiating, cooperation and communication. We have, therefore, created a structured programme to help children build up their self-esteem and confidence in these areas. At Elite we offer a variety of opportunities for play and socialising in a controlled environment. As much as you would like to step in, you simply cannot make friends for them. You can, however, give children the tools they need to be sociable and to be a good friend and person.

‘It’s fun; we learn how to play hockey, bench ball, football, tag rugby, athletics, tennis and cricket.’
-Jaden, Lilly, Bethany, Years 2 and 3

As well as the obvious benefits of laying down a good foundation for a healthy lifestyle in the future by enjoying exercise, our structured lessons have shown to improve motor & social skills, cognitive abilities, behaviour and confidence.
Our experienced coaches are able to deliver a wide variety of sports and games.The same coach will deliver all sessions to ensure continuity for both children & staff and we regularly assess all coaches to ensure our high standards are always maintained.
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Supply Cover


Our highly qualified coaching team is able to supply cover for your school. Our coaches will arrive prepared with the correct equipment and necessary resources to assist them in the delivery of lessons that offer enjoyment and variety.


Our session plans are developed in line with guidelines laid down by both the National Curriculum and QCA, ensuring that your pupils are able to achieve all the key learning outcomes through high quality teaching standards.


Choosing Elite Community Coaching (UK) Ltd for your supply cover ensures your school receive a professional service at a reasonable rate, a high standard of provision and a coach that is able to offer control, structure and organisation within the school environment.

Teacher & Student